About WTM Mahikeng

WTM Centres continue to open around the world as support grows for Jeremy Griffith’s all-important biological breakthrough understanding of the human condition, with Centres now located in Australia, Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South America, the UK, and the USA.

The founder of WTM Mahikeng is author Refentse Molosiwa, who was born and raised in Mahikeng, the capital of North West [Province], where he and most of his extended family still reside. His childhood was spent either on the sports field or deep in books, especially classic literature. After graduating from The International School of South Africa (ISSA), Refentse attended the University of Pretoria where he studied philosophy and literature. Determined to “get to grips” with why humans behave the way we do, he decided to devote his time to reading, writing and studying life first-hand, which led to his discovery of this life-and-world-changing understanding. He is currently working towards obtaining honours in a creative writing degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA), after which he plans on becoming an English literature teacher. In 2022 he published his debut short story collection, Lockdown Stories.

Refentse is also a very talented sportsman whose cricket was of such a high standard that he was just short of playing for South Africa’s under-19s team.

He speaks Setswana, English and some French and Afrikaans, and remains an avid fan of sport, as well as music.

“With this understanding of the human condition, we can now free ourselves from this agony, from this two million year old suffering that’s been weighing down on our shoulders like an immense anchor. We can now sing from the mountain tops that we’ve reached the Promised Land of understanding! A toast… To us. To humanity. To Love. To Ubuntu. To FREEDOM !”

Refentse (on right) with two of his friends in Mahikeng

Refentse (on right) with two of his friends in Mahikeng

You will come across many other inspired responses like Refentse’s posted in the WTM’s Facebook Group. It is a thriving community where everyone is learning about the human condition and sharing in the excitement of the genuinely new world that this understanding brings. (It’s a private group so you’ll need to join to see and participate in the profound discussion happening there.)