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WTM Mahikeng joins Centres across Africa and around the world that have been established to ensure this invaluable and transformational understanding of the human condition is shared far and wide to psychologically liberate and rehabilitate humanity.

To start your journey with this understanding, we recommend accessing all the free material — including essays, videos and books — provided on the WTM’s website at, especially THE Interview, The Great Guilt that causes the Deaf Effect and Videos 1–16 that appear there.

We also urge people to subscribe to the WTM’s mailing list. As a subscriber you will be notified of free, interactive, live events with Jeremy Griffith and others that are hosted on the WTM’s website and on Facebook. We also encourage you to participate in the interactive activity on the WTM’s Facebook Group, where there is much helpful and thought-provoking discussion taking place.

Please note, because we have limited resources of funds and volunteer staff we may not respond to questions or criticisms already prominently answered on the WTM’s comprehensive website at, where its many freely available books, essays and FAQs can be easily searched electronically.

“Before reading Jeremy Griffith’s book, FREEDOM, I had never heard of the term ‘human condition’, but this book educated me, and it also answered the thus far unanswered core questions in life. It is all about ‘Ubuntu’.”

Reggie Khotshobe, WTM Eastern Cape

“This reconciling understanding is so urgently needed I felt it imperative I do all I can to promote it.”

James Moffett, WTM Cape Town

“These clear-daylight-truths have resulted in a paradigm shift in my life – life has never been this good for me.”

John Mulder, WTM Cape Town

“I want this understanding to touch the world, I want it to move nations!”

Dorine Mwesigwa, WTM Uganda

“The goodness about this understanding of humanity — of ‘Ubuntu’, ‘Utu’ and ‘Endung’anisho’ — is that if we introduce it to people, to the society of African people, and the entire world, it will bring people back to their [soulful, loving] nature where they can enjoy their life, enjoy their freedom, enjoy their brotherhood, and get joy.”

Wilson Loilole Laiser, WTM Tanzania

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